Bohemian Geo Cut Glass Luxury Reed Diffuser
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Bohemian Geo Cut Glass Luxury Reed Diffuser

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Bohemian Geo Cut Glass reed Diffuser ♡

Centre yourself with the relaxing aroma of our diffusers, from our Apothecary range. A wonderful way to scent any room, Our reed diffusers gently release the combined aromas to help you calm and ground yourself at home. As well as creating a beautifully fragranced space, this diffuser looks stunning displayed in any room.

♡ Lavender & Chamomile ♡

Telling the story of daydreams, Our Lavender, Chamomile & Dead Sea salts is A sensual and soothing blend of fresh French lavender and vanilla bean.

top notes: coconut, peach

heart notes: lavender, lilac, chamomile

base notes: cedarwood, vanilla

♡ Lemongrass & Persian Lime ♡

The unmistakable natural, fresh citrus scent of lemongrass is combined with zesty lime, lemon peel and a soft floral undertone.

Top Notes:Lime zest, lemon peel

Middle Notes:Lemongrass, jasmine

♡ Fairy Dust ♡

Tiny droplets of sunshine sparkling their way through a soft powdery sweet floral bouquet. Creamy musks and soft sandalwood layer the base....

Men’s Club

This highly scented melt similar to the luxurious aftershave by Creed. It features superb worldly scents, such as blackcurrant from sunny Corsica, bergamot from Italy, Calville Blanc apples from France, and Louisiana birch.

Place a quarter of the melt in a wax melt warmer/ burner, As the wax melts, the fragrance is released.


We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our candles and melts simply smell similar to the perfume.

New label is now Mens club